My Trip At The Airport Essay examples

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Walking into the airport, I can feel my heart rate go up for every step I can take. As I give my luggage to the airport workers so it can be loaded on the plane, I thought back to last summer in my hometown, Turkey.
I remember my uncle asking “me will I come back next year alone?” “Yea sure I will come back I had so much fun this year” I told him without thinking.
As I hug my parents and start going through security all I think about is why I told my uncle yes. Because I said that one word he told my dad to buy tickets when it was getting close to summer. As I wait at the airport for my plane to get ready I sit there with my phone in my hand to say bye to all my friends and download as many games as I could for the plane ride.
As I board the plane, I looked around for my seat. I go down the rows until I finally find my seat. I got the window side and I was happy about that, but the only problem was I couldn’t go to the bathroom as much because I didn’t want to annoy the guy sitting next to me.
I had five minutes till we took off and I was getting certainly nervous. My hands started getting sweaty and I started to take longer breaths.
This wasn’t the first time I rode a plane but, this was my first time alone. As the plane started to move I put on my headphones and started to watch a movie on the planes screen. If it weren’t for that movie I would have been sitting on that plane bored and scared for 11 hours.
After two hours on the plane I fell asleep and I was happy…

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