El Perico: A Short Story

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El perico my son's close friend , had a tragic ending. He was a red, green and yellow parrot that my friend Don pancho had snuck in from mexico. When we first got el perico he spent most of the time in a wire cage that my oldest son roberto had built for him. Once el perico had learned to trust us he became part of our family . He sometimes wandered around the garage we lived in while harvesting in Mr. Jacobsons vineyards. Whenever he was out of the cage my sons and I had to close everything so that el perico wouldnt escape. Both my children and my wife and I grew to love el perico. My son panchito spent hours with el perico trying to teach him to say " periquito bonito " . El perico's favorite thing to do was to walk on a thin , long wire …show more content…
There are feathers flying down to the floor. My wife and my children start crying about it. At this point I don't know what to do and I realize what ive done. I start yelling at my wife and my kids to stop crying. My son panchito runs out of the garage and leaves to a shed about half a mile away from the garage we are staying in. Its been like an hour or two when panchito finally came back home. I pulled him out of the house and took him to a quiet place to sit down with me so we could talk about what had happened earlier. We both sit down under a tree and I start talking, I tell panchito that i was sorry about what had happened and that I didn't mean to kill el perico. I talked to him about everything , I told him that I was really stressed and that I was really tired and didn't know what to do about work. After talking to panchito for a while he forgave me, I also reminded him that we were going back to corcoran in a couple weeks. When we got back home I accompanied my children to go bury el perico. Every day before we left my children and I went to visit el perico's grave and

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