Essay on My Strengths And Strengths, Weaknesses, And Goals

750 Words Sep 30th, 2016 3 Pages
As writers we all have different strengths, weaknesses, and goals. As a writer my lists of strengths, weaknesses, and goals will never end; however, I hope that with time and practice my strengths will outweigh my weaknesses and I will not stop trying to achieve my goals.
This Composition One class has taught me so much in such little time. My list of strengths has grown twice as long within only a couple weeks. Some of my strengths are my MLA formatting, transitions, use of sentence combination, paragraph unity, and development of paragraphs. My MLA formatting is one of my strengths, but we do have a nice outline that helps us. After using the MLA template for a while I have been starting to remember the requirements of MLA formatting, so in time I could write a paper in MLA format, but without the template. My next strength is my use of transitions; my transitions are half strength and half weakness. I am very good at using transitions between sentences in my paragraphs. Also, I have improved in combining my sentences correctly. My high school English teachers never focused on how to fix run on sentences or comma splices, but the HOTSHOT CATS and FANBOYS have helped reduce my run on sentences and comma splices. My fourth strength is my improvement on my paragraph unity. Setting up my introduction correctly is a huge help when it comes to my paragraph unity. For example, I had great paragraph unity on my paper one because I had a good introduction that told my reader my…

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