My Strengths And Goals

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What are your goals and how will you achieve them? I have numerous goals in my life. My first goal is to graduate high school. This goal will be achieved by studying hard and working hard to get good grades. My next goal is to attend Northeast Community College and graduate with a Associates degree in H.V.A.C. or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. I plan to achieve this goal by the same means as the first goal. Upon graduating from Northeast, my goal is to enter into ministry. I am not quite sure as to where I am going to get this degree yet. Lots of hard work and dedication I believe that this goal can be achieved as well. My final goal is to set up my own HVAC business somewhere in western Nebraska and pastor at the nearest …show more content…
The second part of this last goal can be achieved by studying my Bible every day, preparing a sermon several days in advance and by following God’s plan for my ministry career.

2. Describe some of your strengths and weaknesses. How have you developed/learned from these? I posses several strengths and weaknesses. One of my strengths is that I am a hard worker. This has taught me to be grateful for everything that I earn. Another one of my strengths is that I speak my mind if something in the news is bothersome. An example of this would be when the Supreme Court announced their decision on gay marriage. I told numerous people that the Supreme Court had gone beyond their boundaries and that marriage was a state decision not a federal decision. Speaking my mind has helped me to develope into a very
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One such example is that our FFA chapter does a community service project each year. These projects can be as simple as cleaning up the local park to tearing out concrete at our local nursing home. A second example is that I serve on our church board. Basically, our church board helps decide who the church should send the money that we collected over the year to. This money can be put into the community to help a local who is battling cancer. Or it could be used to help missionaries in other countries. Thirdly, I am involved in our school play which is presented to the community for free. This provides our community, with entertainment for all ages at a great price. Lastly, I am involved in our high school band which holds a free Christmas concert for the public each year. Along with the Christmas concert we also perform several songs at our local nursing home which provides the residents with entertainment and a sense of

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