My Senior Year Of High School

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During my senior year of high school, my communications teacher told me that we spend more time with our teachers than we do with our own parents. This truth has stuck with me ever since. Teachers and even the peers with whom we go to school with every day have the capability of making a big impact within our lives. Many of my teachers have had a tremendous part in making me the person that I am today. A few of these teachers have had a significant impact on me personally, from encouraging me to succeed in anything I do, to preparing me for what college was going to expect from me, and also teaching me that any job is a job worth having.

My freshman year of high school was deeply impacted by my quirky biology teacher. Mr. Martin, who was also my soccer coach, was the most creative, hilarious, and gentle man you could ever meet. He was always overflowing with words of wisdom and it seemed we could not make it through one class period without taking a twenty-minute break to discuss the political issues of our country. Mr. Martin taught me much more than just the cell theory and the microscopic functions of our bodies. He taught me that someone is always cheering me on and that I should dare to achieve any obstacle I encounter within my lifetime. He was much more than a teacher and coach to me, he was best friend who always pushed me to try harder. He was an angel in disguise to a classroom full of soul searching freshmen. Mr. Martin taught me bravery and how to believe in

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