Comparison Between 'Stand And Deliver'

Have you ever had that one instructor that you will never forget for their inspirational words that encouraged you to thrive? Or on the other hand, instructors that made you doubt your own ability to succeed in life? Take a minute and reflect about the impact that a professor can have on you by helping you realize the importance of a good education. This type of impact can be either beneficial or can cause a negativity. It all depends if you decide to take the challenges set upon you, and if you are willing to stay devoted to a goal. We all have instructors that will never be forgotten, either for good or bad impact they caused in our life and the life of other students as well. In the movie “Stand and Deliver” Jaime Escalante was a perfect …show more content…
There were times when the class didn 't want to do nothing, and the teacher would sit in the back and read” (3). In other words, what the author is trying to say is that teachers simply don 't care about latinos students as much as they should. Coming from a Latino-based community I have also experienced having High School teachers who expect us to know proper english because they assume that we were raised with English speaking parents. When they finally realize that we don 't not know how to properly speak or read at the level we should, some of them eventually give up on us. Some even start blaming us for not being in the level they expect us to be, little knowing the hardships we go through. They do not realize the influence they create on us chicano students meanwhile at the same time we are trying to meet their high expectations. Therefore when we enter college we get a late “heads up” in our English classes and realize that High School did not prepare us for college the way we had wished or thought it did. Due to this, we become another percent of statistics of Latinos dropping out of college because teachers did not take the time to truly prepare us for college. As it happened in the film “Stand and Deliver”, the staff of Garfield High had such a low expectation in their students that they weren 't preparing them for college. Since the Junior students were being taught 8th grade math, the teachers thought that they did not have any plans of continuing their education at a higher level. Moreover, recalling and examining the scene in where Jamie notified the staff that he was planning to teach calculus, they literally just laughed at him. Since they all had low expectations from the students, they thought that Jaime was crazy if he thought that he would be capable of “teaching those kids calculus”. They had the impression that the students were too dumb to learn

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