My Role As A Social Worker

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The role of a social worker has many interpretations, but I believe a social worker is someone who provides vulnerable people a sense of support and understanding, while supplying them with a safe environment that promotes openness. A social worker promotes this sense of openness and support with individuals that are in need of assistance by, not only developing a personal connection, but also approaching each situation empathetically. These approaches are important because as a professional within the social working field you must treat each individual differently, providing different courses of action that would best cater to the individuals involved, in turn helping families stay together in a healthy union. Social workers provide people with support not only to ensure that they are able to live a happy life, but also to provide them with the tools to continue on their desired path.
As a student in the social worker’s immigrant and refugees program, I have been able to develop my interests and personal ambitions within the social work field, specifically in
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Whether inspired by events happening in the local community, or enabled by an opportunity provided through a foundation or government supported initiative, Organizations like yours are working to change the future for families by investing in neighborhoods. It is inspirational to see this process in action; it is essentially bettering the way of life for future generations to come. Not many people choose to answer the call to help, or invest much time in wanting to devote their lives into this field. I feel that it is very important to have these resources available to the public, and it makes me very pleased to see anyone who is benefiting from

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