Social Workers Career Essay

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A Social Worker 's Career
Have you ever wondered what a social worker is? A Social worker is someone that helps other people. They can help people when they are ill or going through rough times. There is a lot of people in the social work industry. Social workers get paid for the aspect they love to do which is help people. What will be mentioned to help people understand social work is the job requirements, job description, motivations, and the history of social work.
To become a social worker there are requirements that one must know. The first aspect is the schooling required. In becoming a social worker one must have a bachelor 's degree. A bachelor 's degree is preferred, but a person can continue to get a master’s degree in social work
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The first motivation why people should go into social work is because one gets to help other people with personal problems they are having or if they are going through hard times (Motivation to Become a Social Worker). Social workers help people with any issues they have at home or anywhere else, the issue can also be about anything or anyone. If a person likes to help people this is a great motivation for them to become a social worker. Another motivation to why a person should become a social worker is because they get to work with children at any age and social workers can work with them throughout their childhood and watch them grow (Motivations to Become a Social Worker). Social workers can work with kids at any age even if they are newborns because the social worker can be working with the mother and father while the baby grows a little older. If the child is older and there is a social worker involved it can be because they are being abused or not taken care of right by their parents, for example if the parents have a drinking problems or if they are using any kinds of drugs on a daily bases. Therefore the social worker has the right to take the child away from the parents. In an article it states “[s]ome other high ranking reasons include a desire to interact with people, address social injustice, work in a team, have career advancement prospects, and have a meaningful job with high personality responsibility” (Fredman). This means that the most popular reason why people should join social work is because they get to meet new people from all kinds of races and also help them get justice for what happened to them. On special occasions a social worker can also get to work in a team and help the same person. One 's job as a social worker would be the best because you would have to have a great or even an amazing personality so patients can have trust in the person who is helping them. In the video about

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