My Reading And Writing Essay

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Improvement of My Own Reading and Writing What difficulties I had with my reading and writing at the beginning of English 1010? Was I happy with my reading and writing skills? The answer is definitely not pleasing because I had a lot of problems, such as unclear thesis, unorganized paragraphs, incorrect use of MLA style, poor mechanics, confusing ideas, vague pronouns, and wordiness. English 1010 has helped me utilize my mistakes through the assignments and practices I did in this course. Throughout this course, my reading and writing had improved a lot and I will show my improvement through specific evidence and resources in this reflection. To begin with, reading and writing have always been difficult for me. As an English second language …show more content…
My prompt responses are also getting better than before. The very first big assignment I did in English 1010 was the Literacy Narrative Paper. I didn’t do well on that. My paragraphs were not developed nicely and my ideas were unclear. Next, I did the Summary Paper. I was not able to summarize the text properly. My thesis was not strong and my ideas were confusing. I had too much wordiness and repetition of ideas. It was distressing to me. I didn’t give up, instead, I tried much harder and used the resources that were available to me like the WRT Zone. I also got help from the Professor through his comments on my papers and some other people. Thankfully, I have learned to improve through my hard work and strong will to succeed. In my response paper, I succeed to reduce my wordiness, organize my paragraphs, and integrate my ideas. I had less wordiness and my ideas were clearly explained. I could summarize and respond to the text pretty well. Even though, I supported my thesis with sufficient evidence, my thesis was a bit unclear. I still had lots of grammatical errors, but I was happy with my little improvement and thankful to English

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