Essay on My Professional Development Pl Awareness

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My Professional Development Plan

Awareness of My Strengths and Limitations

My 3 areas of greatest competence are…
1. I am willing to be an active listener for the clients and I am patient.
2. I am open to different opinions and empathic to my clients’ feelings.
3. I am passionate about mental health counseling and am positive to learn knowledge and skills of counseling.
Two areas where my skills need improvement are…
1. Culture: As a newcomer to Philadelphia, I need to be educated about the local culture and improve my capability of dealing with cultural diversity.
2. Theoretical orientation: I need to know more insights on different theoretical orientations and gain more practical experience. Ultimately, I hope I can find out the orientation that fits me most.
Specific skills needing attention:
• I need to improve my speaking English as my language fails to follow my mind sometimes.
• I need to be more observant to the clients’ non-verbal behavior.
• I need to improve my communicating skills in order to build a mutually beneficial therapeutic relationship.
My Professional Interests and Goals
Preferred professional activity (roles, responsibilities, opportunities): I am interested in workshops and seminars about child education and helping children with learning difficulties. I would also like to attend the CBT workshops since currently I take a great interest in this orientation. In the future, I hope I can have the opportunity to work in a children…

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