Personal Statement: My Personal Classroom Management Philosophy

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My Personal Classroom Management Philosophy

I agrees that classroom management is an important aspect in a successful teaching. Classroom management means how the teacher play the role. How the class works, how the teacher and student work together, and also the teaching and learning process happen. I have to be effective and efficient in organising the classroom. For students, classroom management means understanding clearly the way the teacher and students are supposed to interact with each other and having controlin how the class operates. Students in a well-managed classroom show a keenness to study and do not hesitant to ask if they are not sure on something. They also appear to know what is expected of them. Whereas teachers in a well-managed classroom are organized, confident and also are comfortable in class. Teachers are also active and respond quickly when assistance is asked. They are aware of what is going on in the class. Next, teachers should make the students feel safe when they enters the classroom. Classroom management is important to gain control of the classroom. Students have more time to engage in the activities. Students can learn better in a well-managed classroom. Besides, best utilization of the classroom time. It also provide a conducive learning environment.
It is important for me, as a teacher to have
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First, the classroom arrangement should be managed as to enhance the activities called for in the curriculum. Keeping in mind the important aspects. Arrangement of the classroom helps in good management of class. Next, as a teacher I will always ask my students for suggestions and their interest. This will make the students to express their own style and I can detect their interest. Furthermore, I will also establish a classroom which promotes the cleanliness, more spacious and attractive. Thus, I will make sure the students experience a better

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