Classroom Management Analysis

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The main purpose of this article is to illustrate the idea that new teachers are not getting enough education or ideas on classroom management. Many educators feel as though classroom management is something that has to gain over years of experience, but this article illustrates that how that is not the case. “Training our future teachers: Classroom management” is an article that is basically trying to improve the outcome of new teachers and prevent those teachers from becoming frustrated or showing negative results due to their lack of information on classroom management.
Personally, I feel as though the key question in the beginning the author was trying to address when creating this article was “How can the education system prevent new
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Some of the most important information in this article is that fact that new teachers are not being taught the proper instructions for classroom management in the classes they take before being an actual teacher. The article states, “On average, programs expose teacher candidates to roughly half of the core content on effective classroom management techniques and approaches” and “Only a third of programs require teacher candidates to practice classroom management skills as they learn them.” This article also explains how there are only 213 courses in 122 programs were classroom management may be …show more content…
I think that that is an idea that can play a big role in how much a teacher learns about classroom management.
If readers take this author’s line of reasoning seriously, then there may be more stress put on new teachers because of the thought that they are not receiving the correct amount of teaching about classroom management, as they should in order to control a classroom. Personally, I know that I was stressing out about the thought after finding out from this article that classroom management is one of the greatest problems new teachers face. That stress can cause even more problems once in the classroom setting.
If readers disagree or ignore this author’s reasoning there is a chance that these readers may be even more prepared when it comes to classroom management because they feel as though they are being taught enough from the amount that they are getting from the programs, which could make them not take that part of the program very

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