Characteristics Of A Great Teacher

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As you get older, you start forgetting your childhood years in school, however, you always remember two types of teachers: The really good teacher that made school interesting and fun and/or you remember the really “not so good” teacher, who was boring and talked in a monotone voice, the teacher that would make school so miserable that you would rather catch the flu to miss a few days of school, or the teacher who might have said something negative to you that has and will stick with you throughout your whole life.
There are many of us that want to be remembered as the great teacher, however, to be that teacher that all the students love, this teacher needs to have a few characteristics. First, the teacher needs to be understandable with every
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A classroom needs to be supportive and the teacher needs to make the environment safe and fun, as mentioned before the teacher’s biggest responsibility is to keep the students safe. Following this, the teacher can keep her classroom supportive by encouraging the students to follow their goals or dreams and to never give up easily. The teacher needs to support the children in any goals they are trying to achieve and encourage them to keep on learning. However, the teacher needs to be aware of certain acts that are correct, such as, to not punish and humiliate the student when they do not understand or can’t figure something out. The classroom environment is also very important because this will make an impact on the student’s education. The classroom should be colorful and bright; also, everything should be labeled for the appropriate grade level. There should also be centers in the classroom, for example, a science center, a math center, and a reading center. Another important element that a classroom should have is the students work hung around the classroom. This encourages the students and it also makes them very proud of their hard work. The teacher must also make sure she has enough materials for all her students, such as, crayons, paper, pencils, reading books, textbooks, and any other materials needed for that …show more content…
An example of a great educator that I can relate to the most in their philosophy of education has to be Johann Comenius. Johann Comenius did not believe in corporal punishment, which I think should be completely ban from any school. Corporal punishment is just cruel and instead of teaching the child, it could bring out more aggression or more poor behavior. Also, I agree in the methods of teaching Johann Comenius believed in. One of the methods is to organize all the lessons around children’s experience, while using objects and pictures to develop the concept. This in my opinion has to be the most important method in teaching younger children. Children need to relate to their environment and be able to use their five senses, such as, touching, smelling, tasting (if is not harmful), hearing, and seeing. Another method Johann Comenius believed was not to pressure a child into reading, however, advocate of reading readiness. Many people, such as parents and teachers, make reading a chore or something a child has to do and I think that is not the right way to approach reading. As a teacher, reading should be a fun activity a child can do after their work, or a reward they can do after good behavior. However, a teacher should not force a child to read if they don’t want to or they’re simply not ready. Lastly, I advocate the method of “not leaving a child behind” and so did Johann Comenius. In my opinion,

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