My Personal Statement On Writing Essay example

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With every new class I have ever taken, came new experiences, new knowledge, and self improvement. Which have all made me into a better student and molded me as a person. Not all classes do this to every student it consist of the student’s willingness to learn, and the teacher’s interest in their students learning. In English 1302, I have improved my analyzing skills, my communication skills, and I am working on correct grammar. One of my favorite assignments from this semester that really helped me refresh and improve my analyzing skills was the song/poem essay. While this assignment had me excited from the beginning I was also scared that I would not do so well because I had forgotten how to do it. When I first started to do the assignment, reading the poem I chose over and over again helped me keep in contact with the words and meaning the poet was trying to convey. While using critical thinking in this assignment I learned that it is crucial to learn the background of the piece you are trying to analyze and also the author’s background. Since I had loved the poem I was reading so much I decided that I would like to know a little bit more about what the author was going through at the time he was writing this poem. I then discovered that by knowing the poet’s life when he wrote this poem, more meaning was found in the poem and new sentiments arose. Even though I had fun throughout this assignment I was still worried about receiving a bad grade, but to my surprise I…

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