Essay about My Personal Statement On My Life

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I quickly read the test. It came across on the stick in two pink lines; I was going to have a baby. I ran to my husband, Justin, and I gave him the news. He was so excited and shocked at the same time; he thought he couldn’t have kids. As I started showing more through the months, I wondered what my life would be like. Was I going to be a stay-at-home mom for the rest of my life? Or was I going to make something out of myself and go to college to support my family? My decision was made: to go to college to build a future and to show my son that I was successful. When he gets older he will follow my path and go to school as well. My goal is to get my associates of applied science degree and transfer to Colorado State University to get my doctorate in veterinarian medicine. To achieve this I will need to load my schedule up on all the important classes each semester, as well as attending class regularly. I will also make sure that I use all the resources that are offered here on campus, even if it means getting a tutor. I have had little experience with college. When I was in high school I took classes offered at Front Range. I studied in the veterinarian technology class. Let me just say I was not prepared. I was working part time at my job, as well as going to high school full time and college half time. The social life sort of got ahold of me, and I hardly went to class. I always wanted to hang out with all of my friends. Eventually I ended up failing my classes and…

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