College Admissions Essay: My Goals For High School

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Growing up I was told that going to college was my only choice. I was to become a doctor. In order to get into a great medical program, I set a few standards for myself. Get good grades, make reliable friends, and have perfect attendance, those were my goals for high school. The goal that was the most important to me was to get good grades. I have not yet decided on a college, staying near home is my preference. I know that I’ll get into a great college, and succeed in life, with a few qualities that I have picked up on. While growing up, I have seen how strong and independent my mother is. She told me that if I wanted to succeed in life that I needed to have a plan. By plan, she meant that I need to know what I want to do with my life. I chose the …show more content…
I have not missed a day of school since the 6th grade. Having to make up all my missed assignments was always frustrating when coming to school the day after being absent. It felt like all my classmates got a head start on the assignments, while I was a day, or possibly two, behind. My papers would taunt me, telling me I made a mistake to miss school. I’m now determined to never miss a day of school or even work. In most colleges the professors do not take attendance, therefore it doesn’t matter if a day or two of class is skipped. Even though I know that not every day of class is mandatory, I will never miss a day. Work will be much easier for me with my work ethic and determined mindset to never miss a day. I plan on using my determined attitude throughout the rest of my life, mostly to help me get into a great college and to help me become a surgeon. I plan on majoring in neurology; therefore my trait of being determined to have perfect attendance will most certainly become useful. It will be useful because I will need to be available every day. I’ll never know if something needs to be done if I’m not present at

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