Challenges In My Life

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Challenge and endurance are the themes in my life, thus far. Some challenges I have faced throughout my life were created by me while others were due to involuntary circumstances. I believe that my background has given me the tools necessary to make rational decisions and persevere through different trials and tribulations, and I believe it all goes back to my parents. My parents have done absolutely everything they could to help me be successful in life. I can recognize this now as an adult with my own career, life plans and bills. I think it all began when I was born. My mother wasn’t supposed to have any kids but after 5 years of marriage I arrived. As the miracle baby and potentially only child my parents may have, I was showered with attention …show more content…
Fortunately, the nearby private school allowed me to attend on a trial basis, with the plan being that I would complete Kindergarten again with my correct class the next year when I was five. However, I ended up exceed the expectations of the instructors and they insisted I move on the 1st grade as I understood the materials better than most in my class. As I continued though grammar school, middle school and even some of high school, I never really had to study much because retaining information came easy to me. I was, however, developing bad habits that did come back to get me as I completed high school and began college. During my senior year of high school, I realized that I needed to apply to college, but regrettably I had no idea about the process or what the cost of college would …show more content…
My father played football and he also didn’t have to worry about paying for school either. I was entering a world that my parents, who I had looked to for everything, weren’t really able to give me guidance on. Coming from a low middle class family with married parents that each had their own income I wasn’t awarded much when it came to grants and income- based scholarships. My parents had saved up enough money to cover my first year but after that I was on my own. Here I was 17 years old starting college with bad study habits and no clue how I was going to pay for the completion of my degree, then a month before my 18th birthday, after I had successfully completed my first semester I was diagnosed with type one diabetes. There I was at the cusp of independence becoming dependent on medication and the US health care system as a whole. I had just a few months left to figure out how I was going to pay for school while also trying to maintain my health dealing with lethargy and low and high blood sugar episodes. What happened next was I

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