Essay On Real Life After High School

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Every time I turn on the TV, I see continuing education commercials claiming that it very easy to get into college and earn a degree. Growing up I wasn’t really sure if I liked school enough to continue my education after high school. The closer it got to graduation I started thinking “do I really want to work at Kroger for the rest of my life?” and I realized that my calling was to help people and work in the medical field but I didn’t really know what I wanted to do in the medical field because my high school didn’t offer very many medical classes. I knew that I didn’t want a job where I got attached to patients or had to use needles constantly so I decided on radiology. I felt that high school didn’t really teach real life lessons or prepare …show more content…
After graduation, I started to look forward to starting college. I chose to go to Elizabethtown Community and Technical College because both of parents went there and it was a lot cheaper than a four-year university. I had some idea of what college would be like because my parents gave me some tips of how things worked. My first day rolled around and I was nervous and excited at the same time. After a few weeks I started noticing some things that were way different from high school. I noticed students just getting up and going to the bathroom without asking which was really strange for me. In high school you always had to raise your hand and ask. Another thing that was different for me is that the teachers didn’t seem to care that much if you was late to class or not there at all. I’ve always wondered how some students pass their classes because they only show up every now and then. I was use to getting disciplined if you was late to class and if you didn’t show up at all the school would call your parents. Like I said above, I didn’t have to study to pass test or quizzes in high school but in college I’m constantly studying so I will pass. I think it’s better to study and actually learn the material rather just memorizing the material right before so you can pass. I’ve learned that it’s your responsibility to get all your work done and to be there on time. If you don’t do your work or show up, all you’re doing is hurting yourself and wasting your time and money. Another thing I’ve noticed if there are no cliques like there are in high school and every semester you get to meet new people. One thing I like about college is that you are able to make your schedule the way you want and that you are able to take online courses. You have a lot more freedom in college than you do in high school. One thing that motivates me to do good in college is knowing that once I graduate I will have a degree in radiology that

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