What I Learned As A Writer

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As I started to review my previous essays I realized that improvement was needed. Some sentences didn’t flow well and one essay was written better than the other two. My style needed improvement. Some concerns for these writings, was that some sentences needed to be fragmented. Simple spelling errors were also looked over. I can see that my writing tends to be personal experiences, kind of like an autobiography. The common theme of my writing, is my personal point of view on social topics.
I know I am not the best writer, and I can be easily distracted by random things around me. Sometimes my writing process gets interfered by basic human needs like using the bathroom or making dinner. These can’t always be prevented but if I used the bathroom
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I had a few misspelled words and incomplete sentences. A lot of my thoughts were mixed up and written in the wrong order. I wanted a certain point to be sent to a audience, instead it looks like I wrote to myself or a friend. This was not my goal with these assignments, but I did learn a lot on what type of writer I am. I also feel like I would be better writing a blog or articles that are opinion based. I fixed the errors and rewrote some sentences in the essays I chose to be fixed. I used my mentor’s advice and changed the obvious mistakes. I also noticed some other mistakes that when I wrote these essays the first time I wrote differently. I don’t know why I changed my writing style when I submitted my work, but a lot of the problems came from that. I try writing in a way so that my readers can see my point of view but not being distracted by the confusion that comes to life in my work. I know when I write that I tend to jump from one topic to another, but this is how I think. Usually I ask for a friend to review my work before I submit it but that does not happen all the time. I also jump around when I review my work so in my mind it makes plenty of sense. This is very confusing to me and my readers. I try to adjust my style every time I write so that this problem becomes less …show more content…
So writing and editing the essay I chose showed me that there is plenty of room to improve. My original plan was simple and just make small changes, but as I read my work I grew disappointed in myself. I knew that a lot of my mistakes where things that I looked over because I was distracted. Although I know my weakness when it comes to writing I try to stay optimistic with my work. I know if I keep writing I can improve and be more detailed when it comes to checking for

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