I Want To Pursue A Degree In Early Childhood Education

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I was born in Tucson Arizona which is still where I reside today. My background is Mexican/Hispanic on my mothers side and my father’s side is Italian. My parents had me baptized when I was about 2 months old in the Catholic Church. I feel this decision has been the most influential part of my life. I have a very strong faith and from a young age have always been involved in my church, about 8 years ago my dad was in a very serious accident and I strongly believe that if my family didn 't have the faith that we had my dad would have been taking from us before his time. I feel that I have a lot of strengths that I can offer to others my faith and love of religion, I am very compassionate and understanding towards others, and I am always willing to offer help and advice to people in need. I feel that my biggest weakness is that I lack the ability to believe in myself and the decisions I make. Another weakness that I used to have but have worked very hard to change was the fact that I used to be a pathological Liar, I started at a very young age …show more content…
I want to complete my bachelors program with a degree in Early Childhood Education. My education is my main priority and I will not let anything stop me from achieving my goal. I anticipate that I will complete my degree program in April of 2018. Once I get my degree I am hoping to teach either preschool or kindergarten-2nd grade. I have wanted to teach since I was 5 years old and that has never changed, I have always enjoyed children and have a desire to help influence them. A new teacher in the state of Arizona receives approximately $30,000 as a starting salary with just their bachelors degree, after I complete this program I plan to receive my Master’s degree in Special Education. When I graduate from GCU I will be able to get a job that pays a lot better then the two I currently work at. I will also be proud of myself for working hard and finally achieving my

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