Essay on My Perception Of Myself As A Writer

810 Words Apr 28th, 2016 4 Pages
From the time I started English 101, I had no idea how a paper was really supposed to be written. I struggled in English 101 because going from high school to a college course was totally different. The teachers were stricter and the essays were to be graded in a more sophisticated manner. But since I was able to better myself as a writer in English 101., it helped improve my essays in English 102. I was be to give more details and more information than before I started my First year Writing Program. My perception of myself as a writer from the time I began in English 101 to English 102 changed. I used to believe that no matter how good my papers were, I would not get any higher than a C, but everything changed when I started English 102. I made constant B’s on my papers. I felt like I had more to write about. Since I have taken English 102, I am not scared of writing papers anymore because I know that I have improved as a writer and can succeed. Throughout my first year of college, I felt as if I grew as a writer. My papers went from meeting minimum requirements, to going above and beyond. I was able to understand more in English with the help my professor. She sculpted me into the writer I am now because she added more background knowledge to what I should do. Since last semester, I had to make a couple of changes. I had to change the way I looked at my writing prompts. I say this because instead o focusing just on one specific thing, I had to get a broader…

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