Essay on My Passion For Music Has Changed My Life

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I have encountered numerous experiences that have played an important role in shaping who I am today and my spirations for my future. As a young child, I loved to sing, listening to music and spent a majority of my time creating things. I was an imaginative kid who wrote song lyrics about the thoughts inside my head. My passion for music has extended throughout my life and will surely continue to expand into my future. In my early years, my family and I relocated temporarily throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Every time I was forced to leave, I was devastated. During those times, I did not grasp why, I could not grasp why we even had to move. Not until I moved to my current home in Jackson, New Jersey, did I understand why. My father lost his stone masonry business in 2008 due to physical injuries from his job. When the Great Recession occurred, the financial situation for my family grew worse, and my dad’s failure as a father led him to waste money drinking and buying cigarettes. These conditions forced my family to move in with my grandma at a time when tensions with her were increasing because of a family affair that would divide my entire family in the years to come. From my perspective, I only had a fragmentary idea about what was going on in my home situation, and while trying to make the best of it, I became a victim of bullying as I entered middle school. In 6th grade, I suffered from verbal bullying and intimidation, to the point where I hardly talked over the…

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