My Passion For Education

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I was born in Cuba, a developing country full of intrigue and discrimination. Due to the fact that I was not a Pioneer, someone who participated in Communist Party’s political activities, I was hindered from taking full advantage of most of the system’s academic resources. The one event that stays most fixated in my mind is when I was rejected by a public school because of my religious beliefs. When I was 12 years old, I had started taking drawing classes in an art gallery and was getting ready to take an entrance exam in order to be admitted into an Art Institute. After weeks of preparation and training, the day of the exam came, however, because I was not a Pioneer, the school would not allow me to even sit for the exam. That act of discrimination …show more content…
When I finished ninth grade with straight A 's, I realized that I could learn while still earning the highest grades. Although it might have been difficult, I can say I did always my best. Even though I was concerned about graduating with the highest GPA, I did not forget about other essential things, like unearthing my passions for health care and giving back to my community. As a college student I learned that not everything can be about the grades, but about learning. One of the greatest strengths I have as a student is my passion for learning. I believe my academic success is due to my characteristics as a student. I always enter a class exited for the new material I will learn, and not just concerned with the grade I will get in the class, but focused on learning all I can and in doing my best. I am always in the pursuit of knowledge, and this is why I believe my professors will categorize me as a terrific student. Another of my strengths is that I am a much focused person, when I set myself to do something I accomplish my goals. However, one of my weaknesses is that I am a very demanding person, always asking the best out of myself and those that work with me. I am a perfectionist and everything I do must be nothing less than excellence, always setting the highest

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