Personal Narrative: My Passion For Books

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For a long time I had absolutely no interest in books and even less interest in writing. No one encouraged me to read or write, no one cared. My passion for books was purely accidental and effortless. It sparked and bursted to life, burning like a forest fire over night. Learning how to read wasn’t difficult for me, I just didn’t care. While I went through first grade I never picked up a book and tried to read, I would just stare at the pictures; they were more interesting. I was in Germany at the time. My father an army soldier station in Germany. The only English speaking people in the U.S. base, including the school I attended. By the end of the school year I was the only student who could not read. My father was angry by this, but he was all talk. He never did anything about it. During the summer, I remember once my older sister sat down with me to teach me how to read. She lasted for only a …show more content…
I was sitting on my older sisters bed with a friend of mine. She was on the computer watching youtube videos when she turned to me and asked, “Have you heard of the Hunger Games?” I replied with “no”, and she shifted the computer towards me so that I could see and pressed play to a video. A teenaged girl appeared on the computer screen. Walking slowly through the woods, fresh blood trickling from her ear down her neck. She was holding a bow and arrow in her hands and she wore a gold pin on her shirt. A high pitched scream echoed through the trees making the girl with the gold pin jump and run towards that scream and found another girl with blonde hair bleeding to death from a spear in her stomach. The girl with the gold pin now known as Katniss held the girl with the blonde hair as she died. It was gruesome and vengeance shined brightly in Katniss’s eyes as she walked away from the blonde girl surrounded in flowers. The video ended and I was angered that the video had such a sad

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