Essay about My Mind Set On Being A Veterinarian

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From the time I could remember until the eighth grade I had always had my mind set on being a veterinarian. I wanted nothing more than to work with animals. I have been around animals my whole life. I have had the chance to work very close with all sorts animals. Little did I know my plans would soon change.

In the summer of 2011 my mother began to have seizures. The night that my mom began to have seizures was very terrifying, my family and I had no idea what was going on. We had so many questions why was this happening all of a sudden was our biggest question and our most concerning question was how can we make the seizures stop. The night my mom began having seizures she had been taken to Madera Community hospital but no answers were provided they just suggested she see a specialist. After that night my mom continued having seizures nearly everyday. The seizures were extremely bad many times she had no idea the seizures were coming on and she would fall and hit her head. When my mom would come out of the seizures she was always extremely confused many times she would come out of a seizure having no idea who me, my dad, or my brothers were. I felt so helpless that there was not anything I could do to make them stop.

We started looking for answers visiting multiple local doctors. The doctors were no help their answer was always “we don 't know why you are having the seizures and you will never find an answer.” We felt like our concerns were just swept under…

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