Registered Nurse Practitioner Essay

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Understanding the National Board policy for registered health practitioners
In March 2014, the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia adopted the Social Media Policy for all health practitioners and nursing students to help them in clinical practice to be great leaders and act as role models in successfully implementing evidence based practice in accordance to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA). Firstly, this assignment will identify and discuss the Value statements, Conduct statements and Domains that apply to nursing practice. Then it will outline and discuss the four transformational leadership strategies that the NUM could apply to successfully ensure that nurses and students working in their ward are familiar with the National Board's Social Media Policy and their responsibilities under the NMBA Codes and Standards for nurses in Australia. Finally this
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This policy was established as a joint project by all of the National Boards and it applies to all registered health practitioners, including registered nurses and students enrolled in an accredited nursing education program. In addition to this policy, it is important for registered nurses and nursing student to abide the NMBA’s (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia), Code of Ethics, Code of Professional Conduct and National Competency Standards. Statement 7 of NMBA Code of Ethics for Nurses (2008) recommend nurses to confidentially treat personal information obtained in a professional way as well as respecting the dignity, culture, values and beliefs of the patient in the provision of nursing care. In Addition to NMBA Code of Ethics for Nurses (2008), nurses should value ethical management of information which involves respecting people’s privacy and confidentiality without compromising health safety (NMBA Code of Ethics for Nurses,

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