Essay On Being A Registered Nurse

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Receiving the right healthcare is a priority for most people when it comes to themselves or their family. Many are not only seeking for the proper care but also understandable and caring people. When they are sick, they are expecting the best in the health industry to help them get well. Some of the duties as a registered nurse (RN) are to evaluating patients, record patients symptoms, help doctors examine, dress wounds, educate patient on self care or healthy habits, and laboratory work. The tools that I’ve acquired to become an excellent registered nurse are great communication skills, emotional stability, and organization. Communication skills are a really important tool for a registered nurse to have. This does not only help us communicating with others but also to comprehend to their needs. It helps nurses to communicate and understand doctors, patients, and co-workers. A RN has to have the capacity to listen and take notes. Many registered nurses have to take notes on a daily bases for example when doctors require diagnoses, treatments, and procedures. Most have to be able to talk with their patience to explain treatment or a situation …show more content…
They have to understand that many ill people require hospitals attention do to their injuries or illness. There are many cases where a nurse interacts with difficult patients that are severely sick and might be moody, tired, or feel horribly and the nurse has to accommodate to any situation so the patient feel comfortable. Most RN have to be emotionally stable when working in an emergency room, because they see people in their worst condition. We can’t be judgmental on what we see or hear we have to understand that they are there to seek medical help. Nurses require caring and understanding with all their patients. Registered nurses are there to help, provide care, educated and support patience in many

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