My Memories Of My Life Essay

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My Memory Box My mom, who often shares wisdoms, has told my brothers and me, “Sometimes you don’t understand the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” (Cook) Having a box in my room that contains hundreds of pictures, I realize the true significance of that quote. This otherwise boring, gray, plastic box holds special memories from the day I was born until now. If I were to give this box to a stranger, it would be meaningless to them. But when I look in the box I see the story of my life unfold. Each single picture means something different to me, but the four most important pictures capture moments in my life that are very significant and are now memories that are fading away slowly. These four pictures tell the story of my life, and they tell of my successes and how my life is positively being developed. Most everyone has seen a picture of themselves at the hospital on the day they were born, it’s one of the most important days of your life and the life of your parents and family. Big, warm, happy smiles take over the faces of your parents, they are now overjoyed that they get to have you out in the world with them. However, my hospital picture is different than most normal peoples. November 28th, 1996 it was Thanksgiving Day, the day I came into this world screaming, all of the family anxiously waiting in the waiting room. The family was all there and they didn’t leave anyone out of the pictures. What was the strangest to me was that the people that I…

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