My Literary Career - Original Writing Essay

899 Words Sep 26th, 2016 4 Pages
It all started in preschool where I was just beginning to learn the alphabet. Then as I progressed in elementary school I went from learning to read children’s books to chapter books, as well as learning to write on my own. Following that I moved on to middle school writing plenty of essays advancing in my literary career. Now, as I move onto high school, I’m creating more essays than I ever have before, and I would call it one of the major points in my literary career. Throughout my career, reading and writing haves always seemed like a chore to me, and it doesn’t seem like my view on that is going to change anytime soon. First, starting before it all started, was preschool. There I learned the very basics, as would be expected from a 4-year-old kid just learning how to handle the demands of school; although, it wasn’t very demanding back then. With it being preschool, there really wasn’t too much reading, and there wasn’t any writing. However, moving along into the early stages of elementary school, kindergarten would be a more fair representation of the start of my career. There I learned the alphabet, how to form my letters (and eventually words), along with having my teacher read to me and my class. As basic as learning letters and words are, they’re still the foundation of my career nevertheless. Learning the basics was never more important. Next, were the middle and latter stages of my elementary career. First grade introduced forming sentences and complete…

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