My Life That Changed My View On The World Essay

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So there have been a few events in my life that have changed my view on the world, affected my mental and emotional health, and made me rethink who I am. A lot of those revolve around how gay I am, hence my title. Of course that’s just one aspect of who I am, so not everything that’s happened to me has to do with that. A lot, but not everything. At least not completely. The summer between 8th and 9th grade, I missed my two best friends a lot. Of course I missed all my friends, but it felt different somehow. I just couldn’t stop thinking about how much I missed them and how much I loved spending time with them. I started to suspect that maybe I missed them differently from my other friends because I felt differently for them from my other friends. After struggling with this over the summer, I came to the conclusion that I was bisexual (I later adopted the term pansexual, but that’s a story for another time). I suppose it was a little late figuring this out considering I had crushes on girls before then and just made excuses. I usually thought they were boys at first or I thought I just had a friend crush. Anyway, considering most of my friends weren’t straight anyway, it wasn’t hard to come to terms with my new identity. I immediately told my brother who’s three years younger than me and my mom not long after. My three other brothers found out slowly, and I only told my father the day before I turned 22. It was scary but worth it, and thankfully they all still love me.…

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