My Struggle With Anxiety And Depression

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Vanquishing the Angst and Desolation
My daily struggles with anxiety and depression has shaped me into becoming the strong person that I am today; facing each day with harrowing emotions but also dealing with them and overcoming a new battle everyday. From the moment I wake up I am overwhelmed by my anxiety and depression. My anxiety is this constant fear of something I am unaware I fear so much. It can be brought upon by uncomfortable social activities, paranoia, the fear of unknown outcomes, and sometimes the depression causes it. They feed off of eachother. The feeling of uselessness occurs after having panic attacks or having paranoia. The sadness forces me to stay in bed, struck with paralysis, whereas the tension pressurizes me to run
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The black inky, gasoline that fills my lungs and I am unable to breathe. I drown in the darkness that fills my insides while my depressions makes this all numb to me. The anxiety drowns me in distress and I am left with nothing but fatigue and empty lungs. My depression leaves me in an endless tunnel of redundancy and desolation. I face a constant fear that rests upon my chest that weighs more than all the weight in the world, suffocating me with thoughts of uncertainty which buries me in the grounds of sorrow. I am so deep within my burial I scream for help only to be heard my own despair and the dirt around me. The anxiety makes me shiver and the depression is the warm blanket that wraps itself tightly around the anxiousness. The depression strangles the panic and leaves the host vulnerable to emotional distress. Depression is the sidekick to the anxiety. My depression can go from being sad and down to having the inability to move out of my bed to eat breakfast. In the past, several times, I could not force myself to eat anything until dinner because at that point I asked myself “What is the point?” Depression is the silent monster that lurks and works along side with anxiety. Every time my anxiety develops to be too much, I become down and hard on myself. When I do not successfully beat a panic attack, I am critical of all the things I could have done to prevent it. The depression is not always there, I have days where I am jovial but during my toughest hours is when I begin to question the last time I actually laughed or

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