My Life Is Stress Reliever

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What is an excellent stress reliever? It is reading. Reading can be done at school, work, and even while traveling. People can read just about anywhere. Reading is for people of all ages. Believe it or not, reading can make people become smarter. It is one of the first things people learn in life. Reading has helped me become a better reader and writer.
At a young age, I was learning how to read. Once I got in bed, my mother will always read a bedtime story. My favorite books have always been by Dr. Seuss. I always tried my best to help my mother read stories. Every time I would mess up, I had to start over from the beginning. I pushed myself to read better every day.
I was sent to a small preschool in Thomasville, Alabama at the age of four.
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I went to Thomasville Elementary school. Kindergarten was the same as preschool. I learned the same assignments as Mrs. Emily taught me. Kindergarten also taught students how to become a better reader and writer. Elementary school is a way of learning while having fun.
Elementary school taught me how to become a smarter student. Students could go to the library to read books and take Accelerated Reading test. My favorite books during elementary were Judie B. Jones. There were a couple of times I became one of the top Accelerated Readers. The library held book fairs a few times a year for the students. It was one of my favorites because the librarian would dress up as Clifford to encourage students to read. Clifford themed book fairs were always the students’ favorite.
During the elementary years, I started going to Jackson Intermediate School in Jackson, Alabama. Spelling became one of my favorites, other than reading. I even tried joining the spelling bee. Even though I did not make the spelling bee, I did not lose my love for grammar. Fridays were my favorite because it was spelling test days. I aced every spelling
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I always spent time in the library during school hours. I was a library aid in eighth grade. I helped the librarian straighten book shelves and put up books. After I was finished, I would find a book to read. I started reading Harry Potter and any chapter book that appealed to me the most.
During high school, at Jackson High School, I was departing my ways from reading books. I stopped reading books when I finished middle school. Reading became one of my least favorite things. I started disliking English because we had to read. It would bother me to sit still and read a book with the class. I also did not do so well with my reading comprehension.
I lost my interest for reading after I stopped for a while. People have to keep reading in order to keep their interest. Reading can be hard to keep up with sometimes. I struggled in English during my high school years. Reading is not the only thing I dislike, it is also writing.
As students, we had many writing assignments during English. I always tried my best but I seemed to never do so well. I attended Gulf Shores High School in Gulf Shores, Alabama for a portion of my high school years. Of course, English was one of my main courses. I had negative thoughts and thought I would not do so well during the

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