My Journey To Literacy Analysis

The Struggles I Faced on my Journey to Literacy

At a young age my journey to literacy began. I loved books and story time, especially when my mom would read my favorite bedtime stories like “Green Eggs and Ham” and “Little Red Riding Hood.” I always loved for people to read me stories, but hated to read to others. It was hard for me to pronounce words and it was more difficult for me to understand the words I was reading. All that changed after the bad experiences I faced and the help I received from the different people in my life.

At home my mom was a single parent, working all the time, so she didn’t have much time to help work on my reading skills with me. She was able to read me a story every night, and that was something I looked
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Gail said as I entered the room. The class was a small class of fifteen students. It smelled like fresh paint and the room was extremely cold. Every day in class we always had to read aloud. She would pick a passage in our workbook and she would call on students to read certain parts of the passage, but everyone had to read a part of the passage. I would always dread when she would call my name because I wasn’t the best reader. On almost all the words I read I stuttered, it was embarrassing. I got laughed at and picked on about my reading skills. I came home right after school in tears because I was being bullied about my reading skills. Quickly, I began to hate school, I hated to read and I was not interested in going back. I was a shy child growing up so I didn’t want to tell the teacher what was happening. My mom called the school and immediately got a parent-teacher conference set up for the next day. It was held after school so I was allowed to attend the conference so I could better explain what was being said to me. I explained that some students were calling me names, and wouldn’t even let me sit at the lunch table because my reading skills wasn’t as advanced as theirs. Mrs. Gail was furious, she said “bullying will not be tolerated in this classroom.” The next day in class the teacher started the class off differently. She started off with a conversation about bullying, she explained how it wasn’t nice to pick on people …show more content…
I did get a tutor when I was in middle school, but as I entered high school, I didn’t need the tutor as much. Reading was like second nature to me, I loved it, I loved each book I read, I loved how I could pick my own genre of books and overall my reading skills also helped me in my social life. The bullying I faced back in the fourth grade helped me get where I am today. The one on one time I had with Mrs. Gail I will always cherish, because she took the time to help me and she genuinely cared about me instead of pushing the situation to the side. I will forever be grateful for her and the help I received from her.

Overall, the bad experiences I was faced with didn’t have such a bad outcome after all. From my mom reading me bedtime stories and Mrs. Gail lending a helping hand, they both changed my life forever. I am beyond thankful for the obstacles I faced while being in her class, it led me to getting the extra help I needed to succeed. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, now as an adult, I feel great about reading. It is something I enjoy

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