My Life And Career Choices Essay

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Ever since I was little, working in the medical field was always a goal. I remember being about six years old and playing doctor with all of my cousins. I would always be the doctor and care to their wounds. One specific memory I can recall, happened when my cousin had a “broken arm”. Taking all my tools out, I began my work. After doing the full interview about how she broke her arm, I wrapped her arm with a compression wrap. My cousin’s arm was saved and I was proud of my work. I sat there thinking that I wanted to do this in the future, and I still do. I would like to major in Nursing, B.S. Recreation, Clinical Health Services at the University of California, San Francisco, San Jose State University, and the University of Washington. Everyone’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests affect their life and career choices. Some of my weaknesses involve my communications skills and procrastination. Procrastination happens to be a big weakness because it can affect how well I work. Working in the medical field can have precise jobs that involve a person 's full effort, so not procrastinating and getting the job done would be necessary. Another weakness I have concerns my communication skills, I am not the best at speaking in front of people. This weakness creates a big setback and I have been working on improving my communication skills greatly. Many of the qualities in the jobs chosen require some kind of social skill, so I would have to improve on that quality. On the other…

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