My Lesson I Taught My 5e Lesson Essay

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Last semester when I taught my 5E lesson, everything that I planned I implemented in the classroom. For instance, I had students working with mirrors to explore the terms reflection and refraction. In addition, the students were able to explore with mirrors using flashlights and seeing what they were able to view using both. Then my students and I discussed the different things that they observed when exploring with the different manipulatives. Something that I modified in my lesson was the fact that I taught my lesson in Spanish as I later notice that two of my students did not knew any English. I taught my lesson in Spanish as I wanted all my students to fully understand my lesson. I feel that by doing so, I was able to teach my lesson to the fullest. From my experience, I learned that teaching through the 5E model, makes learning so much for the students. The students really enjoy exploring and discovering their own learning. In addition, I really enjoyed teaching through that method because I saw how much the students were enjoying to explore with the different manipulatives.

When I looked at the video of my lesson I noticed that things did not went as I planned. Some of the things I added in my lesson plan were modified due to time constrains and the knowledge the students had about the topic I was teaching. In addition, I feel that I was trying to tie in so many concepts in one class that I had to modify my lesson as I taught. Some of the changes that occurred in…

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