College Course Reflection

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Throughout the duration of this course at Jefferson College, I have learned a lot about how to be and become an organized, engaged, and well-adjusted college student. The lessons of this class have provided me with valuable resources and information that will help me on my path to success in my college education. We have learned a diverse range of essential college basics, such as classroom etiquette, note-taking strategies, advice on overcoming common academic roadblocks like procrastination, and tutorials on how to effectively utilize campus resources such as the library. These tools given to us will make the transition from a high school to college environment a much smoother experience.
One of the most indispensable resources that we have
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Time management is crucial in college and beyond; even the brightest students can sabotage themselves with poor time management and procrastination. We learned strategies like backdating your assignments and using formulas for estimating how much time you should be setting aside for each course you are taking. These strategies are obviously helpful for managing your time as a student, but they can also be applied to your future professional life as well. Setting strict deadlines for yourself and overestimating how much time a project or report will take will leave you with plenty of opportunity to revise and perfect your work, so that you can turn in your best effort to your employer. As an adult, you will also have many responsibilities to juggle - professional, financial, and personal; using a comprehensive daily schedule will help to keep stress to a minimum. Another lesson learned in this course that helps to keep stress down when it comes to studying was how to utilize various note-taking strategies, such as the Cornell method, outlining, concept mapping, and the SQ3R method. Note-taking is instrumental in improving comprehension and retention of important materials from a class lecture or reading, and it can also be helpful in the workplace. I will apply these note-taking strategies that I have learned whenever I have a meeting or an interview at which I …show more content…
This introduction to the college environment has helped me to feel less scared about the transition from high school to college, and it has improved my confidence in my ability to manage as a college student. This confidence stems from being prepared with numerous strategies for success in class, such as the time management and note-taking strategies mentioned earlier, and also from knowing that I have resources that I can turn to for help when I need it. I now know about the free tutoring services Academic Success Center for whenever I am feeling overwhelmed by a class, and I feel more comfortable with the idea of e-mailing professors for assistance whenever I need it. In addition, this class has also reinforced my understanding of the importance of receiving a college education. College graduates earn a significantly higher salary on average compared to that of high school graduates, so it is clear that choosing to go to college can definitely pay off in the long run, but it is not for this reason only that college is important to me. I have also realized that receiving a college education will improve my quality of life by expanding my mind and my horizons; I will be pushing myself to be the best I can be throughout the duration of my education at Jefferson College, and I will be preparing for life outside of college at the same time. I would say that going through these changes and

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