My Goals In Online Education

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I graduated at the top of my class from high school in 2000. I then met my husband and married in 2002. We got him through medical school and residency and now he is working steadily and securely. While in his residency, I received my associate’s degree from Laramie County Community College and intended to finish my bachelor’s when we relocated to Washington. But by that time I had two young children and a new house. We couldn’t afford for me to finish then. I did well in my community college graduating with High Distinction. From then I have been raising children and trained to be a foster parent. I currently have a foster child in my care that will be long term. But I seem to crave my bachelor’s. I need to accomplish this goal for myself. I enrolled in the University of the People in January of 2015 to jump into the online education field. I enjoyed the University but it is only nationally accredited and I hope to get my Master’s degree in Library and Information Sciences, and have a better chance of getting into a program with a regionally accredited university. Plus, I long to say I graduated from the UW! I maintained a 4.0 at the University of the People and will do all I can to maintain high GPA at the UW. My kids are getting older and we are much more stable financially, so now it is my turn to be supported and achieve my dreams. The bonus is my kids get to see how important …show more content…
It took my growing up, significantly, to know now. Ultimately I want to be a children’s librarian. I find so much joy in reading to kids and getting them excited about books and stories and writing. The UW can help me attain this dream by educating me with a degree in Integrated Social Sciences and then hopefully a Master’s in Library and Information Sciences. An ISS degree will help me understand many parts of history, the world and ways to communicate with such. I find that will be perfect to aid in being a

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