My Goals For The Year 5 Years Essay

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I chose this topic because I believe that my goals for the next 5 years are very unique compared to the majority of my classmates. I 'll start by explaining my situation. I was fortunate enough to earn an internship the summer after my freshman year at LSU as a production roustabout for Southwestern Energy1. I received return offers from them the following two summers as a completions and reservoir engineer respectively. I learned a great deal during these internships and it helped my interest in the oil and gas industry to grow. Halfway through my last summer, I started to question whether or not I actually wanted to be an engineer and work on that side of the industry. I have always had a fascination with the business and finance side of the industry, and after seeking advice from successful people about their own career choices, I decided that I wanted to change course. In order to try to make this transition I did some research on steps that I could take to utilize my petroleum degree, but work on the financial side of the industry. This led me to apply for numerous graduate schools where I would get a masters degree in finance. I was just recently accepted into the MSF program at Boston College2; however I have not yet completed my applications for Duke University, University of Virginia, University of Texas, and Vanderbilt University. So at this point I have at least been accepted to one of the programs and I will find out in the next couple of months whether or not I…

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