My Friends : My Friend Essay

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Since I am not confident on what the two-ness of my identity is, I asked some of my friends different questions about what they think of me, and compared their thoughts to what I think of myself. I asked two of my close friends two questions. What they thought of me when they first met me or before they knew me well, and what they think of me now. I asked two of my other friends, who I’m not as close with, what they think of me now, and what they thought about me when we first met.
My closest friend, Lilly said that her first impression of me, which was in 5th grade, was that she thought I was “super annoying and mean”. When I asked her what she thinks of me now, she described me as, “The funniest and most caring person. Really nice but sad. Helpful.” Another one of my closest friends is Mikayla, and her first impression of me was that I was “Super cool but doesn’t like people, but I really wanted to be friends with her. She seemed like she didn’t want to be friends with anyone.” Her impression of me now is, “The bestest person I know, super caring and considerate, really smart, and a really perfect person.” The two other friends I asked questions to were Alex and Eli. Alex’s first impression of me was, “Didn’t really like anyone. Laughs a lot, and crazy imagination.” Eli’s was, “The cello player who laughs a lot.” Alex’s impression of me now is, “Super funny and cute. Amazing cellist and pianist. Loving and thoughtful.” Eli’s is, “The most amazing person to talk to and…

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