Different Characteristics Of My Personal Identity

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Everyone has their own personal identities some may be private and others are made public. People can share the same personal identity but have it be different since it is their own, such as two friends are each considered daughters but they are not the same daughter. Everyone has many different factors that make up their identity some of my public identity traits are female, daughter, friend, student, American, and a CNA. Many different traits make up who I am today that is why they are important. Each different trait has a different meaning on my life and I would not be who I am without each of them. Each different trait means something else to me. Being a daughter is important because I try to make my parents proud of what I do. Being …show more content…
Being able to help them and improve their day sometimes by just sitting and talking to them can help them feel important makes me feel happy. Culture plays an important part in how I feel about the roles that I am in. As living in America the overall view of being female is positive. The culture that we live in it everyone is a student at some point in their life. Since in America it is mandatory for every child to go to school and get an education. Living in America is it hard to get a job without a college student so me being a college student is important in today 's society. Being a CNA can be important to society today we are below nurses, but many nurses know that they wouldn’t be able to do their job without the help of CNAs. Being apart of the group of CNA is it important and we all stick together. “Social group membership provides the necessary backdrop to all encounters between people who have little if any prior knowledge of one another” (162). People seem to be more trusting of me after they find out I am a CNA. Also being female it is important to look presentable at all times. It is important for females to have their hair and makeup done, dressed appropriately, and being a certain weight for women to go noticed and look like they know what they are doing. “Physical appearance is enormously important in U.S. culture. Everywhere we turn, …show more content…
It changes the way people look at you when they find out what social class the person is from. Race and ethnicity also plays an important role in people 's identities by almost the same reason as social class they will be judged before they even meet. People of certain races they can be dangerous and cannot be trusted or from places they are arrogant. Or people of color tend to be looked at differently than a white person. “Race or ethnicity and social status are among the most notable influences on impression management” (176). Even though people can 't change the way that they were born such as a person can’t help it if they were born African American in lower class than they would be judged more than a person born in caucasian and upper class.
There is an important part that is different from public and private identities such as some people will share with others while some people will never know them. The private identities are how the person looks at themselves and they may be different than the public ones if that person is always putting on an act. I don’t share my private identities with anyone because they are for me to know and me only, once I share a part of my private identity than it is no longer private, but a public one. It is important

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