Self Reflection Essay: My Journey In Life

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Everyone’s journey in life is different so to speak; we each pick different paths based on decisions that we make. When I reflect and think about myself I realized that I have come a long way in my short 22 years of life for someone whose life has not changed extremely drastically in any sense. For the very first half of my life, everything was very steady. That was until I went into high school where my life changed in many different ways because I decided to go through different paths that I would never have expected to turn on to. Through self-reflection now I am almost glad that they occurred despite the difficulties that came along with it.
While I was growing up my parents worked very long hours for about 6 days out of the week and
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Each year I had a new group of friends. I found out that I am someone who is awesome at making new friends but not so well in maintaining them. I really always felt empty inside like I was internally always upset about something which I did not know what the cause was. Despite knowing that I was sad inside, I kept it to myself because I thought that I was just being weird. So any situation that I was in I did my best to appear very happy (3). Things were getting really rough until this one week I started to have nose bleeds every day. I ended up getting sent to the nurse 's’ office every day then finally someone saw through me. Her name was Maureen who had flipped my life because she somehow saw multiple indicators of depression within just seeing me for a week straight every day. Shortly after this event, I was “referred” to the school’s resource specialist which I had no clue what it was but I knew she worked with Devereux Services which turned out to be a behavioral counseling service. This is when I was diagnosed with seasonal depression and generalized …show more content…
I was in high school and I knew I needed to work and have my own money because I wanted to learn to be independent in hopes that I will overcome being an introvert. I had about a total of 3 different jobs in high school because I could not commit myself to working all the time they wanted me to (6). My junior and senior year of high school I started to figure out who I was and I met a boy on the lacrosse team. I was young and struck; but I trusted myself and found an awesome friend in this guy who ended up being my boyfriend. This was one of the stepping stones to overcoming my mental issues because I made a commitment by being in a relationship even though it was nothing serious at all. He helped a lot; by being a friend and there for me. With his love and support, I did it (7). I graduated high school which I did fathom of ever happening because this lead me to going to college which was the most daunting experience ever because I was the youngest child and only one pursuing a degree. I am very thankful that he still currently is in my life and probably will be there the day I graduated from Temple

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