My First Year Of College Essay

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The truth is, that I never really knew if I wanted this. I just thought that I liked it. Why? well, I love math, but when I finally get to know what this profession is really about… I finally see that it’s not what I want. I notice my first year of college while taking quantitate methods… Yeah! I liked it, but it wasn’t my thing, I mean I always understood everything, I did my homework, and I studied for my tests. But there was still I voice inside my head that kept telling me “This isn’t what you really want” “You can do so much more”. But the problem was I didn’t know what I wanted. So… I just kept telling myself “You will like it eventually”.

The second year of college, I took my first Accounting course, it was easy, and… yeah just easy. The problem was still the same, I wasn’t IN LOVE with it. But I Kept telling myself again “You will like it eventually”. But ‘eventually’ never happened. I kept doing my assignments, and telling everybody “Yeah! I love Accounting” (which was a complete LIE) But I said it, hoping that one day I could finally mean it. One thing I haven’t mention is that the one thing that I knew I wanted was, to work in something related to business. I studied ALL the majors offered at my college. And I said “Oh, yeah I like this, and that…oh and that one too” but in any of them I said “Yeah!!! I love it”.

I wrote a list of the things that I liked, and that I wanted to learn.
I like languages, and I wanted to learn other languages.
I like writing,…

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