Essay on My First Year Of College

1490 Words May 1st, 2016 6 Pages
From a very young age I knew that I wanted to get involved in the medical field in some kind of way. I did not know in what way exactly, but I knew I wanted to improve people’s health quality. It wasn’t until high school that I decide that pharmacy was the way to go. I enjoyed how the patients had easy access to care in a pharmacy compared to a doctor’s office. They could just walk in and ask for help without having to set up an appointment. After making this decision to become a pharmacist, I chose to go to STLCOP. During my first year of college I have established several goals to develop myself as the best pharmacist I can be. Obviously, one of my main goals is to graduate from STLCOP. This goal breaks down into several smaller goals. For example, I want to get a BS of health humanities followed by being successful during my professional years. Upon earning my Pharm.D, I plan to become a community pharmacist because I enjoy the idea of becoming connected to the people of your community. This is why I chose the “health humanities” side over the “health science” side. I believe the health humanities degree will improve the “patient centered care” aspect of my career because it would improve my interactions and communication skills with people more than a health science degree. Also, through class in intro to health care, I learned that there are community pharmacy residency options that I was not aware of before. As a result, I am also interested in doing residency in the…

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