Essay about My First Show At The Age Of Eight

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Never Give Up on Your Dreams
Loud cheers, big rounds of applause that can be heard from the entire continent, and people throwing flowers my way as they shout my name. The echo bounced from wall to wall waking everything in its presence. Bright lights shining upon me, bringing everything to life. Ever since I was a little girl, acting has always been a passion of mine. My life consisted of being on and off the stage. At the age of eight, I performed in my first show. The show was portrayed around bullying and I played the bullied. It taught me what is deemed acceptable aside from what is considered demeaning. That day, I fell head over heels with acting.
Acting became a part of this life that I did not know I was living. Everything about acting excited me. Playing different characters and having multiple personalities sparked something deep inside of me. I found that it was easier being a fictional character that had her own set of rules. It all changed when I got the news that I was to depart from the life I had known all my life, to one where I would feel like a lonely rock mixed in with millions of other small particles. Later on in life, I struggled to get into acting again, after a couple of tries I had finally succeeded.
As I progressed to high school, I took drama class. It didn’t feel the same anymore, I didn’t feel the spark that I once felt. Every decisions I made revolved around “what if.” That became a constant reminder of every unresolved doubts that I had.…

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