My First Day Of High School Essay

802 Words Oct 13th, 2016 4 Pages
As I strolled through the wide double doors of a new school, I knew a thrilling new adventure was ahead of me. The school pride shined fervently across the blue and gold colored hallways. Even the people seemed to have a certain school pride surrounding them. Many memories have come and gone in this building but the memory of my first day of high school will forever be a vivid memory in my mind. My brand name outfit and expensive backpack had me feeling as if those halls could be conquered, but with the next few timid steps the mirrored hallways and mazes of doors began to overwhelm me. The swarm of unfamiliar faces churned my stomach. As the first bell rang warning everybody they had five minutes to get to class a sudden sense of panic and loneliness began to overcome me. French my first class of the day was just as foreign to me as the new building; although my spirits were dropping quickly I kept my hopes high that this was the beginning of the best four years of my life. By the end of second period I was dreading going back into the rushed and hurried hallways. When third period came by my reins of the school were still not all that good, but teachers were compassionate to freshmen being tardy. The teachers even stood outside their doors trying to point us in the right direction of our next class. Finally it was lunch, the witching hour, the time to decide a freshmen’s social ranking for the next four years of their lives. Having the option to choose from the preppy…

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