Narrative Essay About Moving

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When I was young, I never thought that I would ever be subjected to major change. I had a general path that I would take in mind, and was content. Everything changed that eventful afternoon when my mother told me that we were moving.I remember feeling distraught and confused which eventually pushed me into isolation, leading up to the move. Moving houses meant that I had to go to this new school, something that I never thought would happen. I’ve been in the same school system my entire life and was uncomfortable anywhere else. I’ve always associated change with a negative connotation, moving taught me that it is important to make the best of your situation and not all change is bad. It was a rainy first day of my new school. I got …show more content…
It was early still so I sat on the sofa waiting patiently. Everything was silent; the only sound I could hear was the ticking of the clock. It appeared as time was moving slower as we were approaching the time to leave for the school bus. As I sat there, the only thing I could think of is why we had to move. I thought about how I said goodbye, and was there anything that was left unspoken. I found myself consumed in my thoughts reliving the past. Staring back at the clock it was 8:05, I was late. Hastily grabbing my backpack I bolted out of the front door. The heavy rain had died down slightly but the winds were still raging on. The bus stop is five minutes away from my house and up a hill. As I turned the corner, preparing to go up the hill, I saw the school bus leave the stop. I stopped briefly, panting with my hands on my knees.The only other way to get to school is through the metro bus. The metro bus was packed when I got on it. I arrived to the school forty five minutes late. Walking towards this huge daunting building I felt overwhelmed. Here I am a stranger from another county about to walk right into uncharted …show more content…
I went to the bus stop five minutes early today and got on the bus. The bus was the shorter ones with a leak in the ceiling. I dreaded the idea of waking up for school today after what happened yesterday. I was scared of what awaited me in school, but I just let me feet carry me forward. The cafeteria was empty in the morning so I found a place to eat breakfast. Because I was late yesterday, I wasn 't able to go to my first period class and wasn’t I was the first one to arrive to the class and the teacher made me wait in the front for everyone to take their seats. She then told me to state three interesting facts about myself and told me to take a seat. We had group work that day and we had to form into six groups of threes. Everyone immediately turned their desks and rearrange themselves, everyone but me. I sat there momentarily with my head in my notebook. Then these two students Erica and Joe came up to me and asked me to join their group, Erica was a fairly tall girl with straight hair and glasses. Joe was a short stubby guy who was often energetic. Erica then said “How do you like the school so far.” and they commented on how they’re interested in the same things.. Being completely honest I said ,”So far its been pretty rough” and explained to them my situations. We completed the activity with incredible efficiency and were allowed to talk quietly among ourselves. They gave me advice on how to be more approachable. When lunch came around

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