Personal Narrative: My First Day At Oak Grove High School

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I have always gone to a school that was classified as a 2A. This means fewer students in each graduating class with no more than twenty students in a classroom. My first year ever transferring to a different school whose classification was a 6A ended up to be exciting, but most of all scary. However, when I started my new school there was numerous of students, nice staffs and teachers, but overall nobody that I knew.
My first day starting school at Oak Grove High School appears to happen three years ago. I was impressed to hear about how many students went there, and the big variety of different races that attended the school. I remember everything like it was yesterday; I was completely lost and did not know my way around. Oak Grove has over
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I did not speak to anybody, I just stayed to myself. I was not brave enough to just talk to random people whom I do not know or never seen before. A few weeks started to pass by and I finally gain at least three friends and of course they were girls. The only time I got to see them was in our History class, which was the only class the four of us had together. If it was not for those girls, I would have not known anything about how everything functions around at Oak Grove High School. Later on in the middle of September I ended up finding out that one of the girls I became friends with was my cousin. Even though we did not know each other as much, I was in shock to know that I had a relative who went to the school. After discovering us being related, we ended up becoming extremely close to the point we became best friends. We did not get to finish the rest of our eleventh grade together, because she ended up moving to another school. When she left I did not hang with no one else, I stayed to myself from that day forward on up to the day I got ready to graduate.
I believe I made the best decision ever by completing my last two years of high school at Oak Grove. Even though there are numerous of students, nice staffs and teachers, and I do not know anybody. I would highly recommend anyone to let their child or children attend this school to receive a good

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