My Story Of Marcy's Educational History

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Marcy’s Educational History My story of education starts with information that I cannot remember. Therefore I will be briefing you on only my memory. In my toddler years, or what I remember of them, Friends were my favorite part of school. They still are today, but the knowledge I gain is a lot more important now, so they have moved down on the priorities list a little. I will talk about four sections of my educational history: Elementary school, middle school, and high school, and college. Elementary School is the hardest for me to remember, although it is the time period that was most confusing. I was homeschooled for first grade, but placed in a public school for second grade named Sundown elementary. My teacher thought that I was not …show more content…
My family and I were there for a couple years before we got involved with another school. At Learning for Life I gradually learned more about doing things in and with a group, which progressed even more as I was there. A close friend of my parents suggested a different Charter School named Gorman Learning Center. To keep a long story short, the school’s leadership was not very good, so my parents became a crucial part in remodeling and restoring it. Gorman Learning Center is the school that I eventually graduated from. I absolutely love this charter school, and I am so thankful to the Lord for bringing this school into my life. The best part about this school is that class is only held a few days a week. I found that very helpful. This same pattern continued throughout my high school …show more content…
I am not the most competent in math because of my younger years in elementary school. The same goes for all of the other subjects in my life. Grammar and spelling is not my strong suit. Through the classes that I have been in, and the loving teachers that I have had, I am here today. It is because of all those things that I was able to graduate high school a year early. Not only did I graduate early, I graduated from Lancaster Beauty School certified with my cosmetology license about a month after I graduated high school. My parents were so gracious with helping me in any way they could with my dream job, and hobbies. They are my backbone and only sometimes the little voice inside my head. College was a whole new ballgame. My freshman year I jumped in feet first, and then tumbled a few times. It was a lot more work in the way of being a wise steward of my time. I am still learning to use my time wisely for the Lord, have a joyful spirit, and a servant’s heart for His ministry. I firmly stand by the belief that you learn spiritually as much as mentally and physically. In conclusion, this is my life story through education. I have been extremely blessed to be in the family that I am in, and have the friends I have to encourage me to do all things through Him who gives me

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