My Father Has Changed My Life Essay

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“You’re a Carter, you’re a leader”

My father had many sayings that he said often but this is one that had stuck. There is a reason why this one stuck in my head over all of the others. Not because it was the best saying I had ever heard but because this was something I saw my Father lived by. Throughtout my life the word leadership has changed, whether is be leading on the soccer field, in the classroom, or out with friends my father stressed how important it was to be a leader.
Leadship was always a strong quality that my dad obtained. He was the quarterback in high school so having leadership qualities was very important Just a few months before graduating my father got the call that nobody wants to get. December 1987 marks a day that changed an 18-year-old guy’s life forever. My dad received the call that his father was in an accident and didn’t survive. There he stood, months before graduating, heartbroken and confused. He was the oldest of five and had no choice but to step up and help his mother. Not having that fatherly figure in his life though resulted into many bad choices being made.
At 18 you are young and normally are not sure what you truly want to do with your life, you are just graduating from high school and trying to figure out who you are. Well that’s just where he was, 18, just graduated from high school, and confused and in fear of what the future held. After living a very unstructured life my father knew it was time for a change. He knew that one…

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