College Essay On Core Values

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Growing up in a close family I was instilled with core values that have followed me through life. Certain values and morals my parents always instilled in my mind were about family, integrity and achievement. The biggest belief to our family is that family is of fundamental importance. I grew up having family dinners every night, sharing every part of my day with my family and supporting my family members in everything they do, as they did the same to me. This helped teach me that being there for people, especially family members, is one of the best and most important things you can do in life. Being brought up this way, I have the upmost respect for my parents. Along with supporting others, I believe honesty is always the best policy and trust has to be earned. I learned
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That being said I will strive to complete my degree and graduate on time. When I have accomplished the biggest goal of mine, I have future goals following the award of my degree. I have set these goals to help me improve and strengthen my bachelor’s degree in education! The goals are to attend graduate school for an ELL endorsement. This will help strengthen my resume and stand out in a crowd of teachers. Another is to be financially stable on my own. This will help me feel more ‘adult’ and be ready to take on my career. An additional goal is to secure a teaching job. I will not settle for anything less than I know I deserve, but I will not be condescending and selective to a great opportunity. Although this is a goal I believe I will reach fast, it is important to me. That goal is to enjoy my work so it does not actually feel like work! This should not be too hard for me, because I love working with children and I feel at home in a school environment. I truly believe that these goals will be very beneficial to

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